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M&S Logistics Ltd – Our Values & Behaviours

We have one important value and that is RELATIONSHIPS. M & S Logistics strive to build the best possible relationships with:


The strength of M & S is the dedication of its employees to our customers, our company, suppliers and shareholders. Jointly we will promote:

Optimum Performance

  • customers are central to everything we do.
  • recruiting and retaining the best employees.
  • the development and promotion of employees from within on the basis of individual performance.
  • the provision of regular feedback so that concerns can be addressed and high performance can be celebrated and repeated.
  • effective communication with all.
  • rewarding employees’ efforts through a merit orientated compensation program based on company and individual performance.
  • effective internal and external team working within teams, across functions and sites.
  • a fun environment to improve job satisfaction.
  • a belief in the company, acting as Ambassadors in everything that we do to enhance our reputation and legacy.
  • being constantly cost conscious.
  • always chasing revenue opportunities.
  • accountability for our own actions.

Honesty and Trust

  • a transparent, open and honest working environment in everything that we do.
  • an admittance to error with an apology and learning from this.
  • an insistence on others acting with honesty and integrity and raising any concerns.
  • operating in an ethical manner at all times.

Respect and Dignity

  • a healthy and safe working environment.
  • caring for the external environment around us.
  • equal opportunities in recruitment, promotion and training,
  • an environment of non-discrimination and harassment.
  • a workplace where concerns can be raised without detriment and addressed effectively.
  • the encouragement of ideas and suggestions to utilise to the benefit of the business.
  • a tolerant and open-minded workforce, which recognises differences in culture and beliefs.
  • good time management and consideration of best use of other’s time as well as our own.
  • an inclusive, friendly and courteous working environment.
  • a caring family ethos where we help one another in times of need.
  • an environment where we are all valued and working towards the common goal of the success of the business.


Our employees are guided by our corporate values and behaviours, which will provide you with:

Great Customer Service

  • a safe environment.
  • a competitive service.
  • a courteous service at all times.
  • a quick and satisfactory response to any concerns raised.
  • continuous improvement in our service.
  • a partnership approach.
  • meeting and excelling in our service agreement and supporting our customers to reach or exceed their goals.
  • investing in research and development to maintain and improve our market position.


We commit to having comparable relations with our Suppliers as our Customers and we look forward to a long lasting mutually beneficial
relationship with you.


We commit to having the relationships as described above with Employees, Customers and Suppliers and this in turn will reward you as Shareholders by providing a high return on invested capital.

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