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Section 172 (1) statement

Our duty to promote the success of the company

The success of the company is reliant on our committed team of employees, how we service our clients and the reliance on our suppliers to deliver a good service. The directors satisfy their duty to promote the long term success of the company while taking into account the key stakeholders and matter as listed in Section 172 (1)(a) to (f) of the Companies Act 2006.

The directors take all of our stakeholders into consideration when making strategic decision. This is evident in the M&S Core Values and Behaviours statement that is part of how we operate day to day: “We have one important value and that is relationship”. M&S Logistics strive to build the best possible relationships with our employees, customers, supplier and shareholders by behaving in such a way that is honest, ethical, caring for the environment around us and accountable for our actions.

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